Dreamsoak (Querencia Press, March 2023)


Guesthouse   "Theorem" (forthcoming)

FEED   "You Sink You Glow [The dream in which you drown]"

Bear Review   "New Year's Day"

Free State Review   "Proof"

The Brooklyn Review   excerpts from "Glass Manifesto"

MAYDAY   "At Once Sealed and Soluble"

Annulet   "Memorial Day [Twigs, shadows]" and "Memorial Day [Plots]"

SPECTRA Poets   "Freddie" and "You Sink You Glow [Time enough]"

Watershed Review   "You Sink You Glow [What I do know]" and "You Sink You Glow [I'm all dreamsoak]"

Salamander   "Once"

Cagibi   "Saxophone"

Waxing & Waning   "A Hunger" and "Still Life"

Faultline   "Legend"

Berkeley Poetry Review   "Warm Front"

The Future of Our Plans: SAIC Graduate Class of 2020

Meniscus   "Drift"

Newtown Literary   "To a Lover on Vacation" (nominated for the Pushcart Prize), "Passenger," "Rain," and "Geraniums"

F Newsmagazine   "Glass"


Great Lakes Review   HOMES by Moheb Soliman