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"Will Russo's Dreamsoak speaks to us with an uncanny braid of eloquence and strangeness, as if simultaneously channeling the rhetorical decorum of Yeats and the hallucinatory power of Rimbaud. Russo makes his poems sparkle in their exploration of innovative forms that scurry across the page, yet he also draws from the oldest sources of lyricism: longing, loneliness, despair, desire, and a keen attentiveness to the world as experienced through the senses. These poems fill me with delight and joy. Even on the grayest days of winter, they are a kind of "[d]aylight / filling the lung of my living room."

— Nathan Hoks, author of Nests in Air

Dreamsoak was named a finalist for the 2022 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize by Texas Review Press, the 2022 BOOM Chapbook Contest by Bateau Press, and the 2021 Frontier Poetry Digital Chapbook Contest, with Honorable Mention from Kazim Ali.

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Dreamsoak cover artwork

"...this chapbook absorbs a surreal landscape of association and emotion, turns visual surfaces into feelings almost tactile in vision, as if the specter of memory had almost been turned flesh." — Daniel Schulz

Out now from Querenica Press. Cover design by Alicia Prieto. Merch and prints available.